Tea Land

Tea Land – Teas and Infusions

Tealand origins dates back to a small coffer roaster founded in 1896 in Tolosa (Spain). Trough the years, this small shop and coffe roaster has been innovating and introducing new products and since 1992 has specialized in whole leaf teas.

In Tealand, we control the quality of all our teas, blending and packing them under our own brand.

We develop tea blends to the taste and needs of our clients and according to the market or country of destination.

We have our own equipment and specialized machinery to blend, flavor, pack and make pyramid tea bags. We can produce one million traditional tea bags and 24 million pyramid tea bags.

Quality, flexibility and direct dealing with our customer and suppliers are our hallmarks.

In Tealand we only provide whole leaf teas and infusions selected directly from the best plantations around the world, without intermediaries.

Thanks to our blending with entirely natural fruits, we offer teas and infusions of the highest quality.

Tealand has revolutionized the way of preparing a cup of tea with the “pyramid system”.

The pyramid bag allows the tea leaves to fully expand causing it to release its flavors an colors more successfully into the water. Due to the free space inside the pyramid, the tea leaf can open an the infusion is much tastier.