The Cantabrian Sea Delights

The Cantabrian Sea is open and brave, rich in nutritional resources, where a number of species coexist: the delicate Bonito del Norte, Bluen tuna, Mackerel and the famous Cantabrian Anchovy.

We are a family owned business, located next to the port of Ondarroa (Bizkaia-Basque Country), with a long history in the preserved fish industry.

We are specialized in the elaboration of high quality products following traditional methods and using mainly fresh products from the Cantabrian Sea. The range of delicacies made by us is targeted at the speciality or high-end delicatessen market, as well as select hotels and restaurants.

Fishing for Albacore Tuna & Bluefin Tuna from the Cantabrian Sea

Bonito fishing is done with traditional arts; they are captured near the Anchovy Coast, mackerel and other small species that were used as bait for fishing albacore. Once located the bank begins to take the bait as the sea waters with powerful levers to recreate the effect of a bank succulent anchovies.

The Bonito, excited by show size, starts biting everything including the bamboo hooks that fishermen immediately release in the marine. The Bonito is hoisted & covered causing an intact flesh, even without scratches.

The fishing art is not massive and it is highly selective, only the required species are caught without damaging the marine environment and/or other species (dolphins) is captured. The optimal size of this fish are 10 to 13 kg, But can weigh up to 25 kg.

Olasagasti Products are sold to consumers at the following retailers: 

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Bonito del Norte (white tuna) from the Cantabrian Sea

Bonito del norte fillets, processed by hand from freshly caught fish, in olive oil. (White tuna).

Bluefin from the Cantabrian Sea

Bluefin fillets, processes by hand from freshly caught fish, in olive oil.

Tuna (Yellowfin)

Yellowfin fillets in olive oil, packed
by hand, following traditional methods.

Mackerel from the Cantabrian Sea

Mackerel fillets in olive oil, processed by hand from freshly caught fish.

Tuna in Brine

Tuna fillets, packed by hand,
in salted water.

Anchovy fillets in oil or in vinegar (boquerones)

Cantabrian Sea anchovy fillets in olive oil (Engraulis encrasicholus), processed by hand, from freshly caught fish.