La Meridiana

Since 2006 our family has specialized in the production and the processing of habanero peppers. We developed our band, La Meridiana, for gourmet meals and exotic dishes using traditional Yucatecan recipes with the highest standards: natural ingredients, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Our classic and spicy are our Red and Green sauces: Our red sauce is made with fresh habanero peppers, tomatoes and fine herbs. Our green sauce we added onions and coriander to the habanero mix. Serve with any grill favorites, hamburgers, pizzas, seafood, chicken or beef. Great on rice and potatoes too!

Our exotic flavors, Mango and Papaya, were created with those who like an exotic and elegant touch in their foods. The Habanero Papaya is created with sweet papayas and herbs.

Our Habanero Mango has the spicy touch and the sweetness given by the sweetness of the mangoes. They are both unique in their sweetness and medium heat. They are delicious on fruit salads and vegetables! These tropical flavors go very well with various ethnic cuisines, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, and Indian.